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My work originates from still life. I am fascinated by the subtle implications possible within still life - hints and vague feelings rather than direct statements. I work from observation and usually choose to paint unobtrusive objects, which, the more I look at them, the more intriguing they become. They are painted out of their normal context so that they are no longer mundane items to be taken for granted or incidental details to be seen but not registered.

        For some years I have mainly painted natural objects, small things such as berries, rosehips, puffballs etc. which might be noticed fleetingly as being pretty or curious. By focusing on and enlarging them I have aimed to emphasise not only their ephemeral beauty but also their tenacity and significance.

Recently I have become intrigued by things which have a more direct human association, for example pillows. Pillows are one of our most intimate companions, redolent with associations and privy to many of our least guarded moments, yet do not refer to anyone specific. From painting the fabric of pillows, I was drawn to cloth itself and the infinity of its possible connotations.  

An ongoing concern in my painting is the relationship between paint and subject; the interaction between the material paint and the image represented. I work towards achieving a balance between the subject matter and what is conveyed via the manipulation of the paint itself.